Argentine working remotely, helping B2B & eCommerce startups acquire customers. My body is not symmetrical, which led me to stoicism and writing. This is what I'm doing now.

💻 Work

Previously two failed startups, Content Specialist at Piktochart, from $1.2m to $4m as Director of Marketing at EVELO, from 2,000 to 50,000 monthly visitors at The Martec. Now Head of Client Acquisition at Jobbatical, and mentoring startups.

🚀 Side Projects

Rounds for Time, SeedTable, 14,000 emails sent with Minimize Email, +1000 subscribers on eCommerce Daily, 8,000 users in 24 hours on Black Friday Tech, Diversity List.

🍺 Cool stuff about me

I read, fly, speak 4 languages, and lift heavy things. I don't mind the occasional burger or ramen. My body is not symmetrical.

🏆 Success

College drop-out. I have options – I could stop working for a while and nothing would happen. I have great relationships with my friends and family. I'm healthy.

😰 Failures

College drop-out, two startups, a life-changing relationship, and a lot more stuff.