After a rocky 2018, I can confirm that 2019 was, without question, the best year of my life. I didn't set out to do everything I've wanted to do. I can't snatch bodyweight yet.

A combination of conscious and unconscious descisions led me to prioritize other stuff. But that other stuff? It made my year amazing.


In 2019, I want to go with more technical movements and better mobility. But things took a different turn. My mental health is better than ever. I'm reading, thinking and writing. MY phyisical health is good. Not as great as in 2018, but good enough. It's the one thing I had to neglect to have a successful 2019, mostly due to travel.

  • Increase my strength, mobility and technical skills. ❎
    • Snatch 70kg.
    • Handstand walking.
    • Ring muscle ups.

Work & Profits

Work in Jobbatical has been crazier, demanding and rewarding than ever. I can't complain. We are in a good place. Plus, Seedtable has grown from a stupid side project to a decent project with potwntial.

  • Start a side business doing at least $2,000/month. ❎
  • Learn how to live below my means: lower my expenses, and increase my savings rate (numbers are private). ❎


A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. In 2016, I successfully got myself into stoicism. 2017 was about travel and communication. In 2019 I started with Japanese (although I dropped it), and wrote thousands of words every week.

I also travelled to Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Estonia, the US, Andora, China, Japan, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Latvia and France. I can't complain.

Plus, I'm reading more than ever.

~~* Write 200 words per day. Spreadsheet here.

  • Get comfortable with my right hand.
    * Perfect italian, or start learning a new language (Update: I'm working on Japanese).


I took relationships for granted, and neglected them as a skill. Not in 2019. I'm still don't know what's the best way of improving this, but I think increasing my socialization skills is a good place to start.

* Get comfortable talking to strangers.

  • Read 5 books about relationships. ❎