I've had the fortune (and the work ethic) to travel to over 30 countries.

A common trend I observe is traveling after a disrupting experience in life.

A breakup, losing a loved one or a job are events that lead people to put their clothes on a suitcase, Marie Kondo your stuff into a storage closet for $29.99/month, and jump on a plane to Southeast Asia.

Escaping everyday life can be tempting. But it won't make your problems go away. It doesn't matter where – Paris, Bali, or Mexico –when you travel, you take your problems with you.

What's even worst, travel can exacerbate them. Moving from one country to another will make it harder to stay healthy, work out, keep a budget or do what you need to do.

Instead of using miles to get away, you need to work hard on whatever is disturbing you. Meditate, work out, read, reflect, talk to friends and family, visit a therapist, take walk, buy a dog.

Those things won't guarantee your problems will go away either. Nothing's magic. But I promise that you'll be better than you were yesterday, and that's all that matters.