Possible futures

I occasionally get a big vision for my future. A huge project that will take many months or years. Something exciting and very worth doing.

That's an excerpt from Derek Sivers' Possible Futures, where he talks about differnet futures he thinks about.

I love day dreaming. I love imagining different futures for my self. Here's where I'll keep track of each one of them. Eventually, I might pick them up, and go after them:

  • Buy a van and tour South America.
  • Buy some land, get some forest and cattle. Live in the woods, in a beautiful house, working remotely, building things, working out and shooting stuff.
  • Build a huge, fast-growing, stressful startup.
  • Tour around the world with a backpack.
  • Be an angel investor in Europe.
  • Live in Singapore
  • Live in Estonia.
  • ~~Live in Paris.
  • Buy multiple properties around the world with friends.
  • Learn to surf.
  • Learn japanese.
  • Do a one month retreat where all I do is read, walk, and meet strangers.
  • Write a book.
  • Have a holding company and a bunch of cool, profitable projects (offline and online).
Gonz Sanchez

About Gonz Sanchez

Argentinean in Paris. I read, fly, speak 4 languages, and lift heavy things. I don't mind the occasional burger or ramen. My body is not symmetrical, which led me to stoicism and writing.