After spending two years in Europe, I'm back in Argentina. My breakup was devastating, so I needed to be around family and friends.

Things are looking good now, so I'm planning my next move. Barcelona? Berlin? South Africa? We'll see.

I was promoted to Head of Client Acquisition at Jobbatical, where I'll be leading all the marketing and part of the sales efforts on the B2B side.

As I wrote last year, I plan to stay here for a while. The company has a great mission, and I'd like to help move it forward.

I'm also exploring a few side projects, mostly a CrossFit site, Rounds for Time and SeedTable, a newsletter on European tech.

I feel healthier and stronger than ever, but I'd like to refocus on sleep.

2019 Resolutions

My main resolution for 2019 is to conduct my life in a more useful and honest way that I could today.

A helpful reminder for the year would be to compare myself to who I was yesterday, not who someone else is today.


A healthy body is a must for me. Last year I became stronger and more mobile. In 2019, I want to go with more technical movements and better mobility.

  • Increase my strength, mobility and technical skills.
    • Snatch 70kg.
    • Handstand walking.
    • Ring muscle ups.

Work & Profits

Work is a big part of my life, but I'm constantly reminding myself that it's not the only one. This year I'm graduating from little side projects to a real side business.

  • Start a side business doing at least $2,000/month.
  • Learn how to live below my means: lower my expenses, and increase my savings rate (numbers are private).


A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. In 2016, I successfully got myself into stoicism. 2017 was about travel and communication.

  • Write 200 words per day. Spreadsheet here.
  • Get comfortable with my right hand.
  • Perfect italian, or start learning a new language.


I took relationships for granted, and neglected them as a skill. Not in 2019. I'm still don't know what's the best way of improving this, but I think increasing my socialization skills is a good place to start.

  • Get comfortable talking to strangers.
  • Read 5 books about relationships.

Previous Resolutions

To keep myself accountable, you can check my previous Resolutions and how I did so far.

This update was made on January 11, 2018.