The courage to trust

I never knew why, but I trust people by default.

For years, it just felt right (which is better than I can say about most things.) and I never felt comfortable with the arrogant idea that the world is out to get you.

After thinking about it for a while, I realized why.

There ar two main approaches you can take when facing life, relationships and connections.

You can either trust people, or be a cinic.

Being a cinic is the safe option. You probably won't get hurt or fucked, and you can save face whenever you need. Sadly, you won't ever form deep relationships, and you'll miss out on the serendipity of trust.

But the safe option =! right option.

The right approach is trust. You just need to understand why you trust.

You can trust by default because you are naive and believe that everyone is inherently good. That is just stupid, and unrealisitc.

The third option is to trust out of courage. In this scenario, you understand that the world is equal part darkness and light. Because of that, you know you will get hurt eventually, but you believe that over the long term, trust is a net positive in life.

Be courageous. Trust people.

Gonz Sanchez

About Gonz Sanchez

Argentinean in Paris. I read, fly, speak 4 languages, and lift heavy things. I don't mind the occasional burger or ramen. My body is not symmetrical, which led me to stoicism and writing.